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Metro Detroit Black Restaurant Week looks to begin a tradition in and around the city of Detroit by celebrating the many establishments owned and operated by black restaurateurs.

Bringing the world...

to a plate near you.

Metro Detroit Black Restaurant Week features cuisines spanning from Caribbean, French, West African and then some.


Each participating fine dining restaurant will support an optional three-course lunch and a mandatory dinner menu priced at $25 and $35, respectively. Participating casual dining restaurants will provide a $15 one-course (+ 2 sides & drink) option to their patrons. With a focus on spreading the love, restaurants will be located within the Detroit city limits as well as the surrounding suburbs of Royal Oak, Southfield, Farmington and Redford. 


Metro Detroit Black Restaurant Week will kick off several events this fall and in the coming spring that highlight the black culinary scene in the Metro Detroit area. We welcome all to come out and celebrate the many fantastic establishments that call Detroit home and call you family!

Thru the stomach to the heart


The Team


Co-Founder of

INNOVATOR. Foodie. Sister of Sigma Gamma Rho.

"This week is giving people, that live, work and play within these communities a chance to try something different and new that they may have never thought of trying before, it is about enjoying really great food. This is just the beginning."


Co-Founder of

DETROITER. Howard Grad. Owner of TheStrangeRootsBox.

“Metro Detroit Black Restaurant Week is a pointed effort in bringing together people of all backgrounds to support one of the many prominent staples in the culinary scene. I want people to understand that the color of the owner’s skin doesn’t determine the style of their cuisine, doesn’t indicate a sub-par level of service and doesn’t mean that only people of color are welcome to patronize.”