Competition Rules

1. There will be 5 competing grills

Grills are provided and teams are to be comprised of no more than two people.

2. Each team is to prepare one protein that will feed at least 200 people.

Sides are covered by us.

This should be a main dish (i.e. burger, ribs, fish, etc) 


3. All cooking is to be done on-site and live. 


4. Competitors are to provide the following:
Plates | Utensils | Napkins | Tin pans

5. Competitors shouldn't spend more than $250 on their dish

6. Once we have acquired the initial five teams, 10 teams will be added to the waitlist.
There will be a meeting one week before the competition on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. 

Competitor sign up ENDS June 8, 2018!