Competition Rules

1. There will be 6 competing teams

Teams are to be comprised of one adult-child and one parent (mother, grandmother, aunt, or god-mother)

The adult-child is responsible for table presentation

and the parent is responsible for the cuisine

2. Each team is to prepare one soul food side dish suitable for 200 - 300 ppl to have a saucer-sized serving

This side should be a main dish (i.e. Egusi soup, Jerk Chicken, etc) but should NOT be a side dish (i.e. beef patties, chin chin, etc) 


3. All cooking is to be done off-site and transported to the venue on the day of the event. 


4. Competitors are to provide the following:
Plates | Utensils | Napkins | Chaffing Dishes

5. Competitors shouldn't spend more than $200 on their dish

6. Once we have acquired the initial six teams, 12 teams will be added to the waitlist.
Teams may drop out of the competition no later than 7 days before the competition. 

Competitor sign up ENDS March 28, 2018!