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Detroit Black Restaurant Week is back and brings you an annual opportunity to check out some of your favorite black owned and operated dining establishments! Check out the menus of the participating restaurants and make your plans to dine out with us all week (ahem, year) long!

Bringing Detroit…

to a plate near you.


Detroit Black Restaurant Week offers a variety of events during the week that should spark your interests and your taste buds! Hot Topics such as the Vegan Lifestyle, Culinary Cannabis, and much, much more will be explored!

Image Credit: Lizz Wilkinson

Image Credit: Lizz Wilkinson

Image Credit: Lizz Wilkinson

Image Credit: Lizz Wilkinson

This year is all about awareness. There is an opportunity to intentionally patronize our black-owned establishments while ushering in the new! Preserving black culture and influence has always been our mission and this year we are proud to announce that we have partnered with black-owned and operated premium whiskey brand, Uncle Nearest.

This is the first time that we’ve ever sought sponsorship because it is paramount to us that our mission and values remain at the helm of what we do. Never would we sign up to have our voice filtered and we believe that this is a label that will not only support our values, but mirror them! This year, let’s utilize our talents to bring about change and let’s enjoy doing it. Responsibly, of course. 

Laughter required. napkins - not so much.


The organizer


Founder of

DETROITER. Teacher. Planner. Howard Grad. Foodie.

“Detroit Black Restaurant Week is a proclamation. It is a drop in the melting pot that deserves a bit of flavor and tenacity. In an effort toward bringing people of all backgrounds together Detroit Black Restaurant Week exposes people to establishments and owners that they otherwise may not have faced. I want people to understand that the color of the owner’s skin doesn’t determine the style of their cuisine, doesn’t indicate a sub-par level of service and doesn’t mean that only people of color are welcome to patronize. This is the vicissitude.”

Kwaku Osei-Bonsu is a teacher who fights to bring equity to the black and brown people of Detroit, MI by way of food. His work in the school lunch reform space has led him to teach and further impact his students. He is also the founder of Return of Idlewild, a music retreat designed to inspire millennials to enjoy the historically black resort town of Idlewild, MI. In all that he does, his goal has always been to uplift and upend systems meant to hinder the progress of people of color in and around Detroit, MI.

Photo Credit: Charlene C. Okwu

Photo Credit: Charlene C. Okwu